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Business Capital

One Stop Best Offer. Free Application. No Obligation.

business capital loans

Charlotte business services offered through DAC Business Advantage will help fuel the growth of your business.  We can get you the business capital that can be critical to the survival of your business and help it thrive.  According to the Small Business Administration two-thirds of small businesses fail within their first 10 years in business.  The owners of over 82% of those failed businesses cited lack of working capital as the reason they did not survive. 

Most businesses turn to their local bank when they need a small business loan but many times they get turned down due to low credit, not having enough collateral or they just need funds quicker than their bank can get them funds.  If you can get a loan from a bank you should but where do you go if you are turned down…your savings?…your friends…your family?

When those are not available options, and you need a small business loan or working capital quickly, DAC Business Advantage will take care of you.  We are partnered with close to 100 top transparent lenders that give you a one stop best offer.  Our application process is a simple one-page form that gets you a quick decision on the best offers and usually funded within 1-2 days.  We value your cash flow over your credit score, that’s revenue based capital.  Let us partner with you to fund your expansion, new equipment needs, or just be there to help you when you find yourself in a tight pinch. 

If you need up to $25,000 and you need it today, apply to our Micro Funding.  You can get instant approval and same day funding! It only takes about 60 seconds just to see how much you qualify for and there is no obligation.  Business Owners needing $25,000 to $2 Million, can get it in 2-5 days using our simple application to get the best offers from our lending partners.

Imagine having quick access to a simple funding solution for your business needs. We realize you know best how to grow your business and our passion is serving businesses like yours to help fuel that growth.  You will find that DAC Business Advantage is there for you!

Upgraded Payment Processing

Lower Cost Standard Processing Plus our New Cash Discount Processing Eliminates up to 95% of Fees.

payment processing

No business owner enjoys paying credit card processing fees.  DAC Business Advantage offers a platform for those businesses that have Standard Processing but at a discounted rate.  Wouldn’t you like to keep more of your hard earned money instead of giving it to payment processors?  We offer a great discount on Standard Processing so you pay less and we offer an even better option where you can save up to 95% of your processing fees!  Have you heard of Cash Discounting?

Cash Discounting is mainly used and seen at gas stations where the customer is given a choice to buy gas at a lower “cash price” or pay a higher “non-cash price”.  Cash Discounting is becoming more mainstream and you will soon see it everywhere as more business owners realize the positive impact it has to their bottom line. Cash Discounting can be a very effective way to sell products and services as it is a cost efficient way to provide an incentive for cash buyers while eliminating up to 95% of your non-cash processing costs, potentially saving your business thousands of dollars per year.

To help you see the potential savings through our Charlotte Business Services, DAC Business Advantage will do a side by side cost comparison analysis for you at no charge so you can see how much you could be saving and putting towards your bottom line.  You will find we are transparent with no hidden fees, offer a free statement analysis, late batch times, next day funding and free equipment options with state of the art technology.  We will also include door and window point of purchase signage to help make your customers aware that you offer Cash Discounting.  

DAC Business Advantage will work with you from start to finish getting you set up, usually having you up and running within 48 hours.  Once we have created and implemented a customized plan for you our excellent customer support team will continue to be available to help you whenever you need us.  We make sure all of our clients receive our Gold Level Care Support.

Affordable Healthcare Plans

Attract and Retain Valuable Employees.  Enroll Any Time of the Year.  Return of Available Unused Claimed Funds. Employer Sets Their Own Contribution Level.

As a business owner you want to offer great benefits to attract and retain valuable employees.  You know your employees value good Healthcare for themselves and their families.  You wanted to offer some Healthcare Plan choices but found most plans had unaffordable monthly costs and included high deductibles.  check out Charlotte Business Services through DAC Business Advantage, we can help you because we found a better way. 

What if you could offer your employees and their families a Healthcare Plan that lowers their monthly costs by 30-40% and has NO deductible?  What if the plans are available in all 50 states, have no pre-existing conditions exclusions and are part of the largest nationwide preferred provider network so they can keep using the hospitals and doctors they know and trust?  What if you as the employer could offer and enroll in these Healthcare Plans anytime during the year AND you can set your own contribution level? 

You would have the option to pay all the monthly costs for your employees, pick a percentage you want to pay or pay nothing and just let it be a benefit that the employee chooses to have the monthly costs deducted from their paycheck.  They would be glad to have an affordable Healthcare Plan to cover themselves and their family members.

These plans are of course ERISA qualified and ACA compliant and as the business owner, you can receive any available unused claim funds at year end.  Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your business save thousands of dollars on Healthcare Plans each year.

Our Service Area

We are thrilled to serve businesses in Charlotte as well as many cities throughout the United States.  Business Owners find that once they inquire about our fast funding via our simple quote form, our team of experts contact them quickly to move them through the funding process.

Connect with us today to obtain a free, no obligation quote to see how much funding you can qualify for to help your business grow.  We can help any business that resides within the US. Some of the cities and surrounding areas we currently serve are: Charlotte, NC, Gilbert, AZ, Charleston, SC, St. Petersburg, FL, Henderson, NV, Fort Collins, CO, Boise, ID, Cape Coral, FL, Salt Lake City, UT and Tacoma, WA.

About Us

We love serving Local Business Owners! Our Capital Loans, Customer Financing, Payment Processing and Affordable Healthcare services are designed to help businesses fuel their growth while lowering costs. We have several locations but can serve any business within the United States.