Boise Small Business Loans

boise small business loans

DAC Business Advantage can help you with Boise small business loans and help you get the working capital you need to expand your business, buy new equipment, purchase more inventory or just to get through a tight pinch.    If you tried your bank first and found out they require a 680 credit score and collateral to secure the loan or cannot get you the funding you need in time, we have funding solutions for you and your business.  About 80% of business owners do not qualify for a bank loan and they find DAC Business Advantage to be beneficial as we have a simple process to get you quickly funded.

Because we partner with 100 of the best lenders you can be assured of getting the best offer available to you.  Using our simple, single-page form to start the process, you typically get funded in about 1-2 days once approved. You will find that we focus more on your cash flow rather than your credit score, that’s revenue based capital which requires no collateral. 

Our funding usually ranges between $10,000 – $2 million for most businesses.  Yet, for those small businesses owners looking for only $2,500 to $25,000 of capital and who have revenues of $5,000 a month, we have a Self-Employed Funding option available for you.  Just imagine having convenient and simple financing for any business necessity.  We are ready to help you grow when you are.

Why Choose Us for Your Boise Small Business Loans?

Many small business owners are finding it difficult to obtain financing for their enterprise. If you can’t get a loan at your bank, what do you do? Do you attempt to invest all of your savings in something creative? Is there someone else you can turn to for help?  DAC Business Advantage is here to help you with our Boise small business loans.

We collaborate with many lenders which benefits you because you then have more options to choose a best offer.  Most likely, regardless of your credit situation, we can probably help you acquire small business funding that doesn’t require you to secure it with an asset or a piece of your business.

We help hundreds of Boise companies expand their business, acquire additional inventory, or just make funds available to help them through times of hardship. To succeed in today’s market, it is necessary to stay on top of your competition by having the available resources to service and provide for your customers.  At times you will need working capital to stay on track.

Self-Employed Funding

Many times, it costs a bank too much to make a loan to small businesses. Some small business owners find it difficult to meet their lending criteria. We ensure simplicity and quickness in funding.

In certain cases, Self-Employed small business owners may not need much funding, maybe only $2,500 to $25,000 in capital?  For those businesses bringing in $3,000 or more in revenue per month, they can take advantage of our Micro Funding program with short terms of only 3-6 months.  Decisions on approval are immediate and funding can be received on the same day.

Payment Processing

Looking for a way to lower those credit card fees?  Would you believe it’s possible to get rid of as much as 95% of those fees?  With our Cash Discounting platform you will generate massive savings from payment processing fees.

When a business offers a Cash Discount they are giving their customer the option to purchase at the lower cash price.  When they choose to purchase with non-cash or credit they will pay a price that includes the payment processing fee.  Most people have probably noticed Cash Discounting at their gas stations.  Merchants are realizing that they retain more of their earnings by using Cash Discounting so it is becoming more common in the retail marketplace. 

Business owners can still elect to offer Standard Processing alongside Cash Discounting and DAC Business Advantage will still offer a better payment processing rate that what you are currently getting. This may result in a substantial reduction in the business owner’s costs which will go right to your bottom line.

When you work with our experts they will show you how much you will save on any transaction by showing you a comparison analysis including some “hidden” costs you are probably currently paying.  We have no hidden fees as we are completely transparent.  Also, we offer late batch times yet your deposits are available the following day.   We help you choose the equipment option that best suits your needs, they all include state of the art technology.  By putting up point of sale signage at your doors and windows (that we provide you), you will be informing your customers about Cash Discounting available in your store.

Due to our quick turnaround time, we can normally have you set up within 48 hours.  We are committed to providing you with our Gold Level Care Support to assist you when you need us.

Affordable Healthcare Plans

Most business owners know how important it is to keep their valued employees, while also attracting new ones. People regard good medical care as a great benefit and desire it for their own families, especially their children. Perhaps you wanted to offer a healthcare plans but considered the monthly expenses and deductibles to be unaffordable.

What if you could provide your workers and their families with a healthcare plan with no deductible and a plan that reduces the monthly costs by 30-40%?  What if they were available throughout each state in the US, and had no pre-existing condition exclusions, and they were all in the country’s largest preferred provider network?  As the employer you would be able to set your own contribution level and enroll at any time of the year.  Even if you didn’t pay for the plan as the employer but just offered it to your employees they would love to have the choice to buy affordable healthcare for their themself and their family.

Rest assured these plans are ERISA qualified and ACA compliant.  One aspect our clients love about our plans is that as the business owner you at the end of the year you can get the return of available unused claim funds.   DAC Business Advantage helps you cut healthcare costs and helps your bottom line!

Other Services

Additionally, there are services offered by DAC Business Advantage that include:

Identity Theft Program:

The most prevalent form of theft today is now Identity theft, having your personal information and identity stolen from you.  A lot of people have already had this happen and unfortunately, sooner or later it’s likely to happen to you as well.

Protect yourself today with our individual and family plans through DAC ID Protect.  More features, more coverage, better price.

Our ID Theft software aims to protect your interests before losses can occur. Our programs are able to identify illicit or potentially invasive behavior while also providing our members with the option to prevent identity theft by the use of proactive strategies. Regardless of the inconvenience to you, in the case of a data loss, our service provides a 100 percent recovery satisfaction guarantee.  Our goal is to go above and beyond that of providing an exceptional level of service and security.


Company owners don’t want to be concerned with telecommunications during the normal course of their operations.

Despite having a lot of complicated and expensive equipment, telecom doesn’t have to be difficult to implement. Our primary goal is to provide excellent service and a good value. As a representative of all the major providers of telecom services, we’ll provide you with the most beneficial options that have the best deals.

Get in touch with Business Advantage to have us handle your telecom needs so you can concentrate on growing your company.  We will handle voice, internet, data, cloud connectivity and more for your business.

Why Choose Us?

DAC Business Advantage has provided Boise small business loans to companies to help facilitate growth and development for a long time.  We are the best financial resource for small businesses in the city.

We are passionate about helping business owners succeed in their business by listening to your needs and providing quick and affordable financing solutions.  Our experts will walk carefully with you throughout our simple process to ensure you are taken care of.  We don’t want you worried about finances so you can focus strictly on your business.

Obviously there are other lenders looking for business, keep in mind their one company approach offers you one option with one rate.  If you don’t like it you have to try another lender.  Why not start with DAC Business Advantage who partners with almost 100 top lenders to get you the best offer in one stop shopping?  This makes it simple for you and fast to get funded.  Contact us today to discuss our Boise small business loans, we look forward to serving you!

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Boise Small Business Loans

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