Cape Coral Small Business Loans

cape coral small business loans

There are several reasons businesses look for Cape Coral small business loans.  Business owners are usually excited about what each new day brings to their business journey.  Sometimes it can be overwhelming when you need additional funding to buy equipment, get much needed inventory or just to get through a touch pinch.  DAC Business Advantage provides Cape Coral small business loans to help business owners survive and thrive.

According to the SBA, it is estimated that fifty percent of all new companies fail before they are five years old. The vast majority of companies stated that they fail due to a lack of working capital.  That’s when DAC Business Advantage can be of service.

Hundreds of business owners have been helped by DAC Business Advantage by getting them the funding needed by connecting them with our multiple lending partners.  Wouldn’t you like having several lenders vie for your business?  That way you get the very best offers.  

DAC Business Advantage goes the extra mile to make sure you get a quick decision on approval, great terms and fast funding.  We desire to be your “go to” source for all your business capital needs.

Why Choose Us for Your Cape Coral Small Business Loans?

When you as the business owner see an opportunity to grow or expand your business but are having trouble getting a loan from a bank and can’t dip into your savings or ask a friend or family for money, DAC Business Advantage will help you get the funding you need. Our company’s revenue based capital programs value your cash flow more than your credit score and we do not require any capital or equity in your assets. 

A great benefit to allowing us to help you is that we partner with all the top lenders in the US, which will help you get the best offer for your business. If you have excellent credit or challenging credit, we can find a way to help you.

Whether you need additional inventory to fulfill a huge order, expand seating in your restaurant or just some short term cash to get through a tough spot, DAC Business Advantage is eager to help you find the right solution.  When you are needing working capital to win against your competition look to us, we will get you funded fast.  We are the leading provider of Cape Coral small business loans keeping local businesses thriving in their communities.

Self-Employed Funding

We realize that strengthening our local community and keeping businesses going in our cities and neighborhoods is critical to our future.  Your small business may not need a large amount of working capital, maybe you only need $2,500 to $25,000.  If your monthly revenue is at least $3,000 DAC Business Advantage can get you fast funding.  Our process is simple, using just a one page online application.  You will find out if you are approved immediately and if approved you can be funded on the same day! 

DAC Business Advantage does not require collateral and makes the terms short and simple, just 3-6 months.  You will love the benefits we offer, which is why business owners keep coming back to us for Cape Coral small business loans.

Customer Financing

To keep growing revenue, businesses must innovate to bring in customers. If you are selling higher priced goods and services, as a business owner you will want to consider providing financing to your customers.  Your customers will see your products and services as more affordable therefore more likely to purchase.  The appeal is they will like making smaller payments instead of one large one.

The DAC Business Advantage Customer Financing platform gives your customers the best offer available because they get access to many lenders wanting their business.  Decisions on approval are immediate and funds can be delivered in 1-3 days.  Our lending partners can approve funding with credit scores down to 500 and our whole process is 100% paperless.  This keeps it simple for both the customer and the merchant.  

Your business may already be offering financing, and if so, you should contact DAC Business Advantage because our discounts and rates are usually better than other lenders and can save you a lot of money.

Payment Processing

Imagine having lower rates on your payment processing fees and being able to apply that savings to your bottom line.  How much profit do you think that would add each year?  DAC Business Advantage will be glad to not only show you how to save on your Standard Processing rates but we can also show you how to have incredibly massive savings by using our Cash Discounting platform. 

If you haven’t heard of Cash Discounting, you have probably noticed it at your gas station.  You pay less for gas when you pay with cash versus when you pay with credit. Most business owners find it to be a very effective way to offer products and services because it saves the business owner up to 95% of their credit card processing fees.  

You can get set up on Cash Discounting through DAC Business Advantage and if you use our Standard Processing platform we will give you a better discount than your current payment processor.  You can choose which equipment you want in which they all have state of the art technology and many come with free placement.

We like to provide our clients with custom signage to place in your store windows and doors.  This will make your customers aware that you offer Cash Discounting.  Our Gold Level Care Support team would be happy to work with you to help you get set up and of course we are always available to help you when needed.

Affordable Healthcare Plans

Good healthcare should not be hard to find but it seems most have deductibles that are so high and the monthly costs make it difficult for families to afford.  DAC Business Advantage has found a great healthcare plan solution for business owners to offer their employees and families. 

We can show you how to save 30-40% on your monthly costs, have no deductibles and keep the healthcare providers you already know and trust.  

These plans not only save you a lot of money each month but they provide great benefits including first dollar benefit coverage, they have no pre-existing condition exclusions and they all participate in the largest nationwide preferred provider network.  We have made sure they are ERISA qualified and ACA compliant.

As the business owner, you can enroll anytime of the year and set the contribution level.  You have the ability to receive any available unused claim funds at year end as well. Wouldn’t that help your bottom line!  Make sure you contact us today, we will show you how to save your business thousands of dollars on Healthcare Plans this year and every year.

Other Services

These services offered by DAC Business include:

Identity Theft Programs: 

The ability of identity hackers to employ more dynamic strategies is growing as they exploit an ever-fluid arsenal of tactics to illegally obtain your personal data. A thief who gets your personal information can use it to open a credit account in your name or file a false tax return or obtain your entire identity.

Our service provides peace of mind while it safely guards your private information. Should your information somehow be compromised you have our satisfaction guarantee for recovery.  Consider DAC ID Protect as protection for when the unexpected happens.  Let DAC Business Advantage help protect you and your family.  Check out our low cost plans today.


Trying to run a company and having to choose between telecom technology services is the last thing you want to do.  We represent all of the major providers so we can determine the best solutions for you.  

DAC Business Advantage will take care of all your telecom needs so that you can focus on your business.  Our team will handle everything from voice, data, cable, mobility, the cloud and more to get you the best service at the best price.

Why Choose Us?

DAC Business Advantage has provided Cape Coral small businesses loans to the Cape Coral community for several years.  We have helped businesses survive and thrive by meeting their business capital, customer financing, payment processing, and affordable healthcare needs.

We consider it a privilege to help business owners succeed by providing our services to them.  Strong and stable businesses make for better communities and affect us all.  Call us today for a free consultation about your business needs.  You will find us very personable, responsive and supportive.  We are ready to serve you.

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Cape Coral Small Business Loans

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