Henderson Small Business Loans

henderson small business loans

As a small business owner you need working capital to fund the projects that help grow your company.  That is when you need to consider our Henderson small business loans program.

Sometimes it can be a frustrating process to get a loan and you know that if you could only get the right amount of funding you can put it to good use to take advantage of new opportunities to help your business grow. But where do you go when your bank tells you no or wants you to put up collateral you don’t have?

That’s when DAC Business Advantage can be of service.  We know and work with all kinds of small business owners daily and see it as a privilege to help you secure the funding you need to continue to grow your business. 

We have helped hundreds of business owners get the funding they need by connecting them with our  multiple top lending partners.  Having many choices gets our clients the very best offer available.  One stop best offer!

Why Choose Us for Your Henderson Small Business Loans?

Small businesses make up 99% of all the businesses in the United States.  One out of three will fail within the first 3 years, one out of two will fail within the first five years and two out of three will fail within the first ten years according to the Small Business Administration.  What was the number one reason for a small business failing? According to those businesses that failed they cited “lack of working capital” as the reason.

DAC Business Advantage exists to make sure small businesses have access to the Henderson small business loans they need to run their business effectively and not only survive but thrive.  We make the process simple to get a no obligation quote, we make it easy to apply and quick to get an approval decision.  The best part…fast funding within 1-3 days.

Most of our clients love our easy payment plans and the ability we give them to seek more funding or refinance after paying off only 50% of their current funding. DAC Business Advantage is here to help you with your business financial needs because we know successful small businesses contribute to making better and stronger communities in Henderson, NV.

Self-Employed Funding

DAC Business Advantage proudly serves Henderson, Nevada by helping small businesses get working capital through our Self-Employed Funding services. 

Sometimes businesses that are generating about $3,000 per month in revenue only need a small amount of funding like $2,500 to $25,000 to meet their needs. We can get you a quick decision, usually immediately with our simple, online, one page application.  Business owners love that they can receive their funds the same day that they apply.  

DAC Business Advantage requires no collateral and helps businesses with short terms of 3-6 months.  Business owners love the benefits we offer which is why they keep coming back to us with their financing needs utilizing our Henderson small business loans.

Customer Financing

Business owners are always looking for ways to bring in more customers to purchase more products and services.  By offering DAC Business Advantage’s Customer Financing Platform they can increase the average ticket size by up to 85% and increase store traffic by over 20%. They will also see an increase in their sales conversions as Customer Financing makes their products and services more affordable to more consumers.

We really make it simple for the merchant and their customers as we have partnered with over 100 lenders which means more choices for better offers.  Instant decisions and programs for all credit levels help appeal to more consumers. 

DAC Business Advantage serves over 700 industries including Medical and Dental offices, Auto Repair Shops, Home Improvement, Jewelry and other Retail Shops, Vocational and Trade Schools and many more.  We partner with only the best lenders in each industry so your customers get the best service and offers.  If for some reason the customer defaults on their loan there is no recourse to the lender! 

Payment Processing

Have you heard of Cash discounting? You have probably seen it at your gas station where they charge less per gallon for those customers that pay with cash versus non-cash. It can be a very effective way to sell products and services while saving the business owner up to 95% of their credit card processing fees.  

DAC Business Advantage now offers Cash Discounting to businesses and for those businesses that still prefer Standard Processing we can offer you that too, we just give you a better discount than your current payment processor.  Our equipment has state of the art technology, many different options to choose from and many have free placement.

We make it simple to get set up. We supply custom signage for your store doors and windows to make your customers aware you offer cash discounting.  Once we have you set up our support team is always available when you need us.

Affordable Healthcare Plans

Do you get frustrated with the rising cost of Healthcare?  It seems to only keep getting more expensive with higher monthly premiums and higher deductibles.  There are better plans and DAC Business Advantage will show you how you can save 30-40% on your monthly costs with no deductibles while keeping the healthcare providers you know and trust.  

These plans will save you a lot of money and they also provide great benefits such as first dollar benefit coverage, no pre-existing condition exclusions and they participate in the largest nationwide preferred provider network.  Rest assured, these plans are ERISA qualified and ACA compliant.

Business owners will find with our Healthcare Plans they can attract and retain valuable employees by offering them another Healthcare Plan choice.  The employer can set their own contribution level and receive any available unused claim funds at year end. Call DAC Business Advantage to get more information on our Healthcare plans today as these plans can be enrolled in anytime of the year.

Other Services

DAC Business Advantage offers several additional services including:

Identity Theft Programs:

Identity theft is a serious problem that affects millions of people each year.  This type of theft can run into thousands of dollars in losses, not to mention the emotional trauma and stress it causes.

The best way to ensure your identity is not stolen is by taking preventative measures.  In addition, you should also have a plan in place if your identity does get stolen to minimize any damages and make recovery as easy as possible. 

Our identity theft protection services provide peace of mind for both families and individuals who want to protect their assets from fraudsters trying to steal their identities. We offer comprehensive solutions that are customized for our client’s needs so they don’t have to worry about anything when an incident occurs.


As a business owner, you rely on effective communication tools to work with your customers, other businesses, suppliers, etc. and cannot afford to be without any telecom services.

Today’s telecom environment can be complex.  We represent all the major providers and will help you determine the right solution for your business and at the right price.

At DAC Business Advantage we have everything you need in one place – voice services, data services, internet access, mobility, data, cable and cloud-based tools that will help improve efficiency for your business. Call us today to see how we can help you with your telecom needs.

Why Choose Us?

DAC Business Advantage has been the leading provider of Henderson small business loans for several years helping more businesses grow and serve their communities.

We consider it a privilege to help business owners by providing revenue based capital quickly that helps to meet their business needs.  Our One Stop Best Offer is a simple process that gets you funding quickly and requires no collateral.  This allows you to put those funds to use immediately in order to grow your business. 

Call DAC Business Advantage today or fill out the short Quote Form to discuss how we can help you get funded with one of our Henderson small business loans, customer financing, discount payment processing, affordable healthcare or any of your business financial needs.  You will find us very personable, responsive and supportive.  We are ready to help you grow when you are.

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Henderson Small Business Loans

We are thrilled to serve businesses in Henderson.  Business Owners find that once they inquire about our fast funding via our simple quote form, our team of experts contact them quickly to move them through the funding process.

Connect with us today to obtain a free, no obligation quote to see how much funding you can qualify for to help your business grow. 

While we can help any business that resides within the US we love serving Henderson and these surrounding cities: Las Vegas, Stewarts Point, Primm, Sandy Valley, Echo Bay, Indian Springs, Corn Creek, Searchlight, Boulder City, Enterprise, Mountain Springs, and Callville Bay.