Salt Lake City Small Business Loans

salt lake city small business loans

Our Salt Lake City small business loans through DAC Business Advantage can help business owners finance the projects that will help you expand and grow your business.

It can be a tedious process to get a loan, and you know that if you could only get the right amount of money, you can use it to take advantage of new opportunities that will make a huge difference in your business.  But what if your bank says no or requires you to put up collateral you don’t have?

DAC Business Advantage understands 80 percent of business owners that apply for a bank loan will not qualify so we offer revenue based capital that requires no collateral and still helps those with lower credit scores.  We know and work with a variety of small business owners on a daily basis, and we consider it a privilege to assist you in obtaining the funding you need to continue to develop your company.

We’ve connected hundreds of business owners with top lending partners to help them get the financing they need. With so many options, we are able to provide our clients with the best deal possible. The best funding for your business needs are our Salt Lake City small business loans. 

Why Choose Us for Your Salt Lake City Small Business Loans?

In the United States, small companies account for 99 percent of all businesses. According to the Small Business Administration, one out of every three businesses will fail within the first three years, one out of every two businesses will fail within the first five years, and two out of every three businesses will fail within the first ten years. What was the most common cause of a small business failure? Those who failed said if they just had more working capital they were confident they would have made it.

DAC Business Advantage exists to ensure that small companies have access to the working capital they need to not only survive but also to succeed. We make it simple to obtain a free, no obligation quote and to receive an approval decision quickly. The best benefit is that you can get money in as little as 1-2 days with our Salt Lake City small business loans.

Most of our clients appreciate our simple payment plans, short terms and the opportunity to obtain additional financing or refinance after paying off just half of their existing debt. Since we know that prosperous small businesses contribute to building healthier and stronger communities in Salt Lake City, DAC Business Advantage is available to assist you with your financial business needs.

Self-Employed Funding

DAC Business Advantage is proud to assist small businesses in Salt Lake City with working capital through our Micro Funding services.

Businesses that generate $3,000 in monthly revenue may only need a small amount of funding, such as $2,500 to $25,000, to meet their needs. With our easy one page application online, we will get you a decision immediately. Business owners love how once they’ve been approved, the can receive their funds the same day!

DAC Business Advantage has no collateral requirements and can provide companies with short-term financing of 3-6 months. Business owners appreciate the advantages we have, which is why they continue to turn to us for their financing needs.

Payment Processing

Have you ever heard of the term “cash discounting”?  You’ve most likely seen it at your local gas station, where customers who pay with cash pay less per gallon than those who buy on credit.  It can be a very efficient way to offer goods and services while saving the merchant up to 95% on credit card transaction fees.

DAC Market Advantage now provides Cash Discounting to companies, and for those who still want Standard Processing, we will provide that as well.  The only difference is that we can give you a better discount than your existing payment processor. Our equipment features cutting edge technology, a wide range of options, and all of them are available for immediate use, many come with free placement.

We make getting started very easy.  We create custom signs for your store’s doors and windows to let customers know you offer Cash Discounting, explaining what it is. Our support team will not only help you with the set up and implementation but will continue to be available anytime you need us.

Affordable Healthcare Plans

Do you find the increasing cost of healthcare to be frustrating like most business owners?  With higher monthly rates and higher deductibles, it sometimes seems there are just no good options.  However, there are better plans available, and DAC Business Advantage will show you how to save 30-40% on monthly costs with no deductibles while maintaining the same quality healthcare providers.

These healthcare plans will save you a lot of money and come with great features like first dollar benefit coverage, no pre-existing condition exclusions, and access to the largest national preferred provider network. These plans are ERISA qualified and ACA compliant, so you can rest easy.

By providing your employees with another healthcare plan option, business owners would be able to retain valuable employees and attract new talented employees.  Employers can choose their own contribution amount and collect any unused claim funds at the end of the year.  Call DAC Business Advantage today to learn more about our healthcare plans, which can be enrolled in at any time of the year.

Other Services

DAC Business Advantage offers several additional services including:

Identity Theft Programs:

Identity theft is a significant issue that affects millions of people each year. Thousands of dollars in damages will result from this form of robbery, not to mention the emotional pain and stress it creates.

Taking preventative steps is the safest way to ensure your identity is not stolen. In addition, if your identity is compromised, you should have a plan in place to limit the damage and make recovery as simple and quick as possible.

Our identity theft security programs offer families and individuals peace of mind when it comes to protecting their belongings from fraudsters attempting to steal their identities. We have detailed solutions that are tailored to our client’s specific requirements, so feel assured that our team of recovery experts will take care of them. Check out our low cost individual and family protection plans today.


You can’t afford to be without telecom services as a business owner because you rely on effective communication tools to work with your clients, other companies, suppliers, etc.

The telecom world today can be complicated.  Let us deal with it so you don’t have to.  We represent all of the major providers, so we can assist you in determining the best solution for your company and make sure you get the best price.

We have everything you need in one place at DAC Business Advantage – voice services, data services, internet connectivity, mobility, data, cable, and cloud-based tools that will help your business communicate more efficiently.  Contact us today to let us assist you with your telecom needs.

Why Choose Us?

For many years, DAC Business Advantage has been the leading provider of Salt Lake City small business loans, assisting more companies in expanding and serving their communities.

We consider it a pleasure to assist business owners by rapidly supplying revenue based capital, customer financing, payment processing and affordable healthcare plans that meet their needs. Our One-Stop Best Offer model is a straightforward process that provides you with financing without the stress and without the need for collateral. This helps you put those funds to work right away into your business.

Contact DAC Business Advantage today or fill out the simple Quote Form to learn more about how we can assist you in obtaining one of our Salt Lake City small business loans, consumer financing, discount payment processing, affordable healthcare, or any other financial needs for your company. You will find us to be very approachable, attentive, and helpful. It would be a privilege to serve you.

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Salt Lake City Small Business Loans

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