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One Stop Best Offer. Free Application No Obligation. Quick Access to Funds $3K - $2 Million

Simple And Fast

Get a quick decision within 1 day and receive capital of $3K - $2 Million within 1-2 business days.

Small Business Focus

We specialize in small business. While you remain focused on your business we work to get you the funding you need.

Top Rated Providers

We represent only the top rated, transparent, fast turnaround providers. Over $10 Billion dollars funded so far.

Use As You Choose

Need funds for expansion, inventory or get through a tight pinch? You decide how it's used since it’s your business.

Do You Qualify?
Find Out, It's Fast and Simple

Our provider’s minimum qualifications are less intensive than those of most banks. Our focus is on getting you fast approval and funded quickly.

Time in Business

Just need at least four months in business.


Your business can reside anywhere in the US.

Personal Credit

Only need a personal credit score of 500+.

Annual Revenue

$100K+ revenue over the last 12 months. Not doing $10k month? Ask us about our Micro Funding Service.


We serve over 700 different industries.

How Are We Better?

DAC represents only the top tier reputable capital providers. We can provide funding faster than most banks with less Intensive qualifications. We value your cash flow over your credit score.

What Are The Costs?

DAC’s pricing is transparent and simple.  Upfront you are shown the total advance plus total cost. Most banks show you rates but rarely the total cost of the capital. With DAC you will see how much you will receive and what the total payment will be. 

More Affordable

Our fundings are typically up to 50% less expensive than a traditional merchant cash advance.

Fast Capital

You submit your application and we provide you with a fast decision.

Automatic Payment

You are setup with regular fixed payments so that you don’t have to worry about surprise obligations.

How do our providers compare?

 DACMost BanksCredit Card Advances
The Fastest Capital (Funded In Days)YESNONO
Minimal Amount of PaperworkYESNONO
Repeat Customer BenefitsYESNONO
Simple Presentation of the Total Cost of the CapitalYESNONO
Value Cash Flow More Than Credit ScoreYESNOYES
Bad Credit Ok (only 500 FICO Score Needed)YESNOYES
Unsecured (No Collateral Needed)YESNOYES

Note: Your capital or advance size, term and cost of capital will be based on our provider’s analysis of your business as well as your history with DAC, if applicable.

Simple Business Capital.
Pricing Per Dollar Cost Shown.

Total payback costs from 18¢-50¢ per borrowed dollar.
Ex: Borrow $10,000 pay back $12,000-$15,000. Terms from 3-24 months

6 Month Term

Total cost can be as low as 18¢ per dollar.

Average cost is 30¢ (eg: borrow $10K, pay back $13K).

$40K = Typical funding amount.

12 Month Term

Total cost can be as low as 18¢ per dollar.

Average cost is 35¢ (eg: borrow $10K, pay back $13.5K).

$80K = Typical funding amount

24 Month term

Total cost can be as low as 20¢ per dollar.

Average cost is 42¢ (eg: borrow $10K, pay back $14.2K).

$130K = Typical funding amount.

Origination Fee

This is deducted from your capital advance at the time of funding and will be 0%-5% for your first funding.

Ex. $100,000 funding with 2% fees The $2,000 fee will be deducted from the funding so $98,000 would be wired to you.

Minimum Qualifications

*Eligibility for the lowest prices shown above are reserved for customers with the strongest cash flows and credit profiles. Returning clients with the strongest credit profiles and payment history on prior DAC capital services are eligible for our lower premier rates.

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Click below to complete the online form. After review, we will contact you to discuss available options and answer your questions.

Complete Application

The simple application provides the business, personal and financial details needed by our lending and advance companies. Submit along with a few requested documents.

Submit Documents

What’s needed to verify the application and secure approval are four months of bank statements, copy of last year’s business tax return, voided check and a copy of your driver's license.

About Us

We love serving Local Business Owners! Our Capital Loans, Customer Financing, Payment Processing and Affordable Healthcare services are designed to help businesses fuel their growth while lowering costs. We have several locations but can serve any business within the United States.