Charlotte Payment Processing

Eliminate Up To 95% Of Your Payment Processing Fees.

Charlotte Payment Processing will put More of the Money You earn to Your Bottom Line.

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What Is Cash Discounting?

Cash Discounting allows you to provide an incentive to cash buyers while eliminating up to 95% of your non-cash processing costs.

Charlotte Payment Processing through DAC provides you signage stating all of your prices are discounted for cash payment.  Those customers who choose to pay with a credit card, a 4% non-cash adjustment will automatically be added to the discounted cash price.

This non-cash adjustment is designed to offset your processing fees.


We Make Cash Discounting Easy!

Your equipment will arrive ready to use and pre-programmed with the non-cash adjustment of 4%. Just plug and play!

Our cash discount program allows you to accept all major credit cards and EBT where applicable.

In addition, if you choose to offer a credit card user the discounted for cash price, you have the option to waive the non-cash adjustment at checkout.

DAC’s state of the art technology makes this happen easily for you.

Wide Selection of Equipment for Your Needs

We have a wide selection of POS providers and equipment options. Many come with FREE placement.

next day funding

Get next day funding on all accounts

No more waiting on getting your funds. Your weekend sales are deposited Monday morning.

Excellent Customer Service

Your welcome kit will include everything needed to successfully run this program, including access to our exceptional customer service.

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About Us

We love serving Local Business Owners! Our Capital Loans, Customer Financing, Payment Processing and Affordable Healthcare services are designed to help businesses fuel their growth while lowering costs. We have several locations but can serve any business within the United States.